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And we’ll show you how we tame the tedious tasks of business consuming your practice.

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Remember when you had time to transform patient lives?

HighFive clears those monotonous business and administrative tasks from your plate, so you can get back to what matters.

Pure, cutting-edge endodontics and oral surgery
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Less Stress + More Finesse = Revolutionary Practices

Here’s where the magic happens.

Just imagine the work life balance we could create together.

Your premier expertise and our state-of-the-art team and processes combine for the ultimate endodontic and oral surgery practice – where operations hum like an engine, patients actually enjoy their experience and you’re back in the business of saving smiles. You might even squeeze in a vacay or two. With the HighFive Experience, this is the new era of oral health care.

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Run faster.
Jump higher.
Do more together.

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HighFive has been an incredible team to help implement the latest in technology, marketing, scheduling and operations.— HighFive Endodontist
HighFive support has enabled me to focus on excellence in patient care while their focus has been on operations, human resource management, finances and marketing.— HighFive Endodontist
It has been encouraging to have a team come along side me who is invested in my success. HighFive is all about forging new roadways in greater efficiencies and increased opportunities contributing to my accelerated growth. — HighFive Endodontist
HighFive is more than a group of trusted advisors. At the end of the day, they are family. — HighFive Endodontist
HighFive is a brotherhood/sisterhood who stands alongside me, enabling me to continue to pursue my passion for excellence in endodontics and patient care all the while maintaining my authenticity. — HighFive Endodontist

Our Model


Team Approach

We operate as a family! Our goal is for every patient to have the best experience in all of our practices. Our open, fun and collaborative culture creates an innovative approach to operations, quality and buying power.


Practice Management

With cloud-based solutions at our fingertips, we convert systems, communications, best practices and corporate backend procedures into metrics that track gaps and opportunities within your business.


The Digital Experience

From online appointment scheduling to check out, we leverage tech innovation to make the patient experience easy, streamlined and secure.